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How to Hide and Get Rid of Hickeys Fast

Love bites are  marks that not everyone would want see on their skin. For those who dislike hickeys, here are ways to hide, cover or get rid of them as fast as possible.

Why Hide or Remove Hickeys in Seconds

Whether to hide a hickey or not is a personal decision and varies from one person to another. Below are some of the reasons why people hide hickeys;

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Unnecessary attention

A hickey when given a noticeable area will attract the attention of those around you. This will lead to some gossips about you by friends and relatives and maybe, they may end up hurting your feelings. In such a case, you may want to remove the hickey as soon as possible before such people can see the mark.

Hickeys expose your romance life

In most cases, you get a hickey from your lover and therefore, when the mark is on your body, it simply shows you had a moment of romance. You may not be okay with people tracking your romance life patterns and possibly guessing what you did with your partner over the night. To keep your love affair private and avoid questions, you will find it necessary to do away with the mark.

how to hide get rid of a hickeys
Love bite on neck

It hurts at times

If the hickey was given incorrectly, it may hurt. Remember a hickey is still a bruise.  When the hickey causes pain, it is prudent that you get rid of it instantly.


Research shows that a woman in New Zealand died after a hickey that left a clot on her body. This story could scare you and you may want to get rid of the hickey soonest possible before you turn out to be the next person who dies of a hickey. All the same, it is extremely rare to get a clot out of a hickey.

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How to hide a Hickey, with Makeup & for Guys

Procedure to hide hickeys with makeup

The most common way of hiding hickeys is by use of makeup. Most hickeys appear to have a purple color. This means you must choose another color whose blend will camouflage the purple color of the hickey.  Research shows that green color of makeup is what you need for concealing your hickey.

For instance, you can try Maybelline Cover Stick Corrector or a concealer in green. As well, Physician Formula Concealer Twins Corrector and Cover Cream Corrector in Green may work for you.


  1. Pat over the corrector with chosen concealer. The concealer should be is a shade lighter than your skin color.
  2. Making a thin layer of the products, blend them then apply them evenly on the hickey. You could use a concealer brush or foundation.
  3. As a finish touch, apply a light dusting powder.
  4. As the hickey heals, you may notice a green color appearance or even a sudden yellow color. In that case, you will have to camouflage this by a applying a pink concealer. For instance, you could opt to use Marc Jacobs Remedy Concealer.

The bottom line is, you must know what color of makeup to use to counterbalance the color of the hickey. A beauty specialist would guide you on the same.

Jennifer Trotter, an artist and owner of Lip Service Make Up suggests alternative colors to conceal your make up. For example, she advises that if your hickey is red, green make up will do while if it is green, you should try a yellow concealer.

Trotter emphasizes on the need to understand the color of your neck compared to your face. The neck may be slighter darker or lighter than your face. This is important at the end of the procedure when you are blending the edges of the hickey.

How to hide a hickey without makeup fast for guys

Men will most likely shy off from using make up to conceal the hickey. There are other options that are favorable for use by men and they include the following;

Wear the right shirt or sweater

If the hickey is on the neck, you can hide it by wearing shirts with collars that cover the neck. For instance, for a few days before the kiss mark goes away, you may consider wearing a long sleeved shirt that has a turtle neck.

The shirt should have something that draws people’s attention away from the neck regions, for example, a shirt with a funny logo on it.

Use a scarf

Provided it is in the right reason, you can cover the hickey if it is on your neck using a scarf. People may not easily notice why you have the scarf on if it is in winter since anyway, everyone will be trying to cover themselves from the cold.

Rub the hickey using a coin, a toothbrush, or a comb

You can hide the appearance of the hickey by rubbing the hickey hard but carefully. This disperses the blood underneath the skin which is what gives the hickey its color.

Other ways to conceal or cover love bites

There are many ways that you can use to hide the kiss mark. Nevertheless, most of them tend to favor the females. These methods include the following;

Use jewelry

It is in the nature of women to wear jewelry. You can use your necklace if the hickey is on the neck to hide it. Choose a necklace that is designed well enough to cover the hickey surface. All the same, ensure the necklace sticks to your taste of necklaces otherwise your friends will notice the sudden change in taste.

Use your hair

This is still an option for most girls since very few men leave their hair to grow long enough to hide hickeys, say, on their neck. If you have long hair, style it in a way that it conceals the hickey. For men, if the hickey is around the bearded area, then you can just allow your beard to grow and hide the hickey.

How to get Rid of a hickey fast Overnight on Neck & Lips

Can you make a hickey go away overnight?

You probably got a hickey a night before a special event and you want to get rid of it overnight. Good news is, you can easily do away with hickey in a single night as you will learn shortly

What factors will determine how easy and quickly a hickey will go away?

The time taken by a hickey before it goes away varies from one person to another. The standard period reported if a hickey is not treated is that it takes between 5 to 12 days.

If you try doing away with the hickey using methods such as a cold compress, toothpaste, a coin or other natural methods such as use of aloe Vera, the hickey will take much lesser time as compared to leaving the hickey to heal on its own. There are methods that do away with the hickey in a few hours or within a day.

The factors that determine how quickly your hickey goes away include the following;

Size of the hickey

How big or small a hickey is dictates how long it will take to go away with or without treatment. A large hickey takes much longer to go away as compared to a small sized hickey. This is because, a larger hickey requires that the body has to regenerate and repair a larger area as opposed to a smaller area if the hickey size is small.

Nature of the skin

Your skin is either very sensitive, normal, dry or very oily. Nature of the skin may also refer to the texture of the region where the hickey is located.

If the hickey is on a very sensitive part of the skin, it may require more efficient remedies and as well it may take a longer time to heal. Being delicate, it calls for more delicate measures as well.

Location of the hickey

Hickeys that are located on open areas of the body are likely to heal faster as opposed to those on hidden areas. Good news is, you will most likely want to get rid of hickeys on the op[en areas and so as long as those in hidden places will eventually go away, you will not need to worry.


Naturally, there exists a difference in the in the female and male body structure. Usually, a woman’s skin is more tender and delicate as compared to a man’s skin. This explains why a hickey on a female body will take way longer compared to that in male’s body.


The younger you are the faster a hickey is likely to go away. This is because, as you grow older, your body gradually reduces its efficiency in tissue regeneration and repair.

State of health

If you are in a poor state of health, your body is weak and finds it hard to fight any drains that come its way.

Simply put, if you are already suffering from some diseases such as diabetes, your immunity is low.

This in turn explains why, in such state of health, your body will take a longer time to do away with the hickey.

Severity of the hickey

Different people give hickeys with different intensities. When a hickey is very severe, it causes an extreme level of damage on the capillaries.

This in turn extends the time taken by your hickey before it heals. Severe hickeys are deep and harsh hickeys they are redder compared to normal hickeys.

Following are ways to get rid of love bites

How to get rid of a hickey with a coin/penny

A coin is classified as one of the quickest remedies of hickeys since it works by making the hickey look like a scrape instead of a kiss mark. This is way, you conceal the hickey and no one can really tell that you were given a love bite.


  1. Stretch out the area with the hickey by probably holding it out
  2. To distort the hickey mark, scrape outwards using a large penny or coin
  3. Your aim is to spread the blood clot outwards until it appears like a scrape mark and not a kiss mark. This will work very well with guys since it is okay for other people out there to notice a scrape mark on your body.

Remember not to use the coin method on areas such as the lips or the area around the mouth. You must also ensure the coin you use is sterilized and will not leave you prone to any infections.

How to  get rid of a hickey with a spoon

A hickey forms when an area of your body has been sucked to a point of some capillaries breaking. This causes formation of something that looks like a blood clot. We can actually refer to a hickey as a minor blood clot.

A cold spoon will get rid of the hickey overnight since it works by spreading the ‘minor clot’. Remember, it is the blood that has collected in this particular area that gives the hickey its appearance.

More precisely, the cold spoon reduces the bleeding by the capillaries that were broken during the sucking. It does these by constricting the capillaries.


  1. Freeze a steel spoon by placing it in the fridge for about ten minutes. Simply, just make the spoon cold enough.
  2. Place the cold spoon on the location of the hickey. Massage the hickey with the spoon gently for roughly two minutes.
  3. Should the spoon warm up, place it back in the fridge. Repeat this procedure severally, that is about four times keeping the spoon as cold as possible

Toothpaste on hickeys-Does it work?

Tooth paste works very well in getting rid of hickeys. The sooner you apply the toothpaste after getting the kiss mark, the faster it works. Toothpaste that is peppermint based is the best for hickeys. Peppermint works by stimulating blood circulation.  Apart from that, the toothpaste containing peppermint helps heal the broken capillaries.


  1. Gently, apply the toothpaste on the hickey using your fingers.
  2. Leave the toothpaste on the hickey for about ten to fifteen minutes
  3. You will experience a level of tingling which goes away after a short while. When the tingling goes away, remove the toothpaste using a washcloth dipped in warm water.
  4. Repeat this procedure if need be on the following day. You are warned against using the toothpaste more than once in a day as it is likely to cause skin irritation.

Use parsley

Among the fastest healing remedies of hickeys is parsley. This is because parsley has very strong anti-inflammatory properties. WH Foods explain further that parsley is very rich in vitamin C. Powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that come with the Vitamin C explain the parsley’s ability to do away with hickeys overnight.


  1. Crush fresh parsley leaves in a bowl
  2. Apply the crushed leaves on the location of the hickey
  3. Leave the leaves already spread on the hickey for about ten minutes
  4. Using cold water, rinse the area carefully s
  5. When you wake up in the morning, the kiss mark will have faded away

Rubbing Alcohol

Top Home Remedies state that rubbing alcohol helps you get rid of kiss marks in a single night by offering both soothing and cooling effects.


  1. Deep a cotton ball into rubbing alcohol to dampen it
  2. Dad the cotton ball on whichever area you got a hickey
  3. For about three minutes, rub the area gently using the cotton ball
  4. In the end, apply your preferable moisturizer so that it counters the drying effects that come with rubbing alcohol.
  5. Repeat the procedure at least three times so that you can get rid of the hickey overnight

Use a banana peel

Just like rubbing alcohol, a banana peel gets rid of hickey overnight by offering soothing and cooling effect. That aside, the potassium contained in the banana peel contributes as well to the disappearance of the kiss mark.


  1. Take a ripe banana and peel it then keep its peels safely aside. Remember you are only interested in the peels and not the banana itself
  2. Depending on the size of the hickey, cut the banana peel into pieces
  3. If you wish to increase the coolness of the banana peel, place them in a fridge for a few minutes. Remember, the more cold the peels are, the more effective they become
  4. Ensuring the inner side of the banana peel gets into contact with the hickey; place the peels on the hickey for about twenty minutes.
  5. For the peel to work over night, repeat the procedure for about three times.

Use a toothbrush or a comb

You can use this method to get rid of a hickey on the neck. Since the lip area is extremely delicate, you should not use this method as it may cause more harm.

Brushing or combing the hickey around the neck facilitates flow of blood around the region. Proper flow of blood ensures supply of nutrients to the hickey location and this makes the healing procedure fast.


  1. Take a toothbrush that has strong bristles
  2. Brush the kiss mark ensuring you apply some reasonable level of pressure. However, be careful not to apply extreme levels of pressure as that would cause damage to your skin.
  3. If you do this before going to bed, you will wake up to find that the hickey disappeared.


Some people claim that they do not use chapsticks to get rid of hickeys since they cause pain. However, this is because, they do not know how to use the Chapstick correctly.

It is a very effective method which works through stimulation of blood flow in the hickey location hence breaking the blood clot.


  1. You are required to place the chapstick on the hickey
  2. You are then required to press it down for as long as you do not hurt yourself
  3. Twisting the chapstick in one direction, hold it in that position for about five minutes


Cold compress is one of the trusted ways that effectively help you get rid of hickeys. Ice when placed on the hickey stops the blood flow after the breakage of the capillaries that happens when you receive a hickey. It does so by constricting the capillaries.


  1. Place some ice cubes on a towel then press them against the hickey for about fifteen minutes (never place ice directly on the skin as it may cause ice burns). Remember to do it gently; you should only do alight pressing.
  2. Do this several times in a day and the inflammation and pain, if any, will go away in a day. In the end, the kiss mark fades away.

How to remove a Hickey with Creams

You can also opt to use creams for removal of hickeys. You are advised to opt for creams if you try other methods and they do not work for you.

The creams that are used for hickeys work by moisturizing and offering other properties such as anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Most creams work by making the healing process fast. The most commonly used cream is Aloe Vera cream.

It has the properties mentioned above as well as general healing properties. Additionally, Aloe Vera also soothes the skin. This way, it speeds recovery process of the hickey.

More Ways to get rid of Hickey Right Away in Minutes, one hour or a Day

In addition to the remedies of hickeys discussed above, you could also try the following;


As soon as you get the hickey, start rubbing it gently with your fingers as many times as possible. If you continually do the massaging, blood flows evenly around the hickey and it ends up disappearing. You should apply a warm cloth on the hickey before begging your massage. It makes this method more effective.

Warm compress

This method gets rid of hickeys that persist up to the second day. You can place a hot water bottle on the hickey or simply place a warm cloth on the hickey. This disperses the blood that collects to form the hickey. The blood is then reabsorbed into the body.


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