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How to give Yourself or Someone a Good Hickey on Arm & Neck

If you are thinking of giving yourself or someone a hickey, here  are details on how to go about it. Find out how, when and where to do it plus more tips to make it perfect.

Why do People give Hickeys and how long does it take?

Reasons people give hickeys?

Different people give hickeys for different reasons. Depending on who gives you the hickey, you can easily tell their motives. Discussed below are some of the reasons;

A sign of affection

Hickeys in most cases are associated with people in a love relationship. When your partner gives you a hickey, it is meant to show the affection he or she has for you. It is an indicator of strong feelings of love towards you.

how to give yourself someone a hickey perfectly
A love bite on neck

An indicator of insecurity

Some partners give their reason for giving hickeys to be that they wish to mark boundaries. A hickey that leaves a scar on your neck or arm, for instance, shows that you belong to someone already.

In this case, a hickey mark shows that you are taken and your partner possesses you. A hickey will mark territories and your partner will be safe from other interested parties.

Shows the need to ‘mate’

When your partner gives you a love bite, they could simply be inviting you to the bedroom. It shows that they are in the heat moment and they wish that you join them in mating at that particular time.

Remember, different people give hickeys for different reasons and it is only after studying your partner’s habits that you can tell their reason.

A habit of a partner

Sometimes, a hickey given to you by a partner may not really be a sign of anything special. This occurs in the case where your partner just likes giving hickeys.

This means that, it is in their habit to give their partners a hickey. Simply put, there are people who enjoy giving hickeys to people and so they do it very often.

As a beautiful gesture

There are times a friend may give you a love bite so as to give an impression that they are interested in you. This is mostly in the case where guys wish to let a lady know their intentions.

If you are in a love relationship, you may want to win back the interest of your partner by giving them a love bite. Some people do it to please their partners or rather, to reassure them of their love.

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How long does it take to give a hickey?

This may vary depending on who is giving the hickey. Even that, a standard hickey takes about 30 seconds. Remember, giving a love bite is very different from kissing; therefore, the longer you take the more you are likely to hurt your partner.

A love bite is a romantic bite but this doesn’t stop it from being like any other form of a bruise. It is only different in that it is not meant to hurt. Doing it for long causes excessive breakage of the blood capillaries below the skin surface.

Where can you give hickeys?

In most cases, you will find it most comfortable to give someone a hickey around the soft and fragile body regions such as the neck. It is considered the most appropriate since it is easily accessible even when you wish to give it without your partner’s consent.

There are other body regions you may want to try out giving a hickey. They must be sensitive parts of the body. They include; the stomach, inner thigh, and the chest.  The breast area is another part of the body you should try giving a hickey. Most women report that it makes them feel good.

Always keep your partner in mind when deciding on the body part on which you will give them a hickey. For instance, if your partner is shy and would be uncomfortable with a visible area, be sure to choose a hidden part of the body.

Apart from that, you must consider from where you will give your partner a love bite. Most partners love it when it is done in secluded places. For instance, the bedroom is one of the best places you should give your partner a hickey. This is because; the bedroom creates an atmosphere of love since it is the place where you do the most intimate activities with your partner.

All the same, the bedroom does not rule out the other places from where you can give a hickey to your partner. For instance, if you and your partner are playing in the pitch, you may like to surprise them with a love bite.

The bottom line is, let the place from where you give your partner a hickey be lovely so that it brings out your romance intentions clearly. You also do not want to do it in public and make your partner uncomfortable.

How to give Yourself a Hickey on Arm, Neck

Can you give yourself a hickey?

If you are the kind of person who is crazy about getting hickeys but have no one to give it to you, you may wish to give it to yourself. You may also want to give yourself a love bite to hurt a partner who previously broke your heart. Here, you want to have a ‘fake’ ‘kiss mark to show you had a great time romancing.

Good news is, for whatever reason you may want the love bite, you can comfortably give it to yourself. The easiest place to give yourself the ‘fake’ love bite is the arm. A kiss mark on the arm will appear very real since you actually give it using your mouth.

Even that, if you want to give yourself a hickey on other areas like the neck, there are ways that have been devised to aid you in doing the same. This is as discussed below.

How to give yourself a hickey on your arm

Giving yourself a hickey on the arm, involves use of your teeth in an area of the arm you can comfortably reach. Choose the region of the arm on which you wish to have the kiss mark. Suck the skin for about twenty seconds, and then leave the skin alone. You also do not want to end up hurting yourself.

However, if you wish to have a kiss mark that is dark and very visible, repeat sucking your arm after every five minutes. Remember not to overdo it. Three times would be enough.

How to give yourself a hickey on your neck

Sucking your neck using your mouth to give yourself a love bite is definitely out of question. A real love bite involves use of your mouth so in this case, you can only give yourself a fake love bite on the neck. There are several ways that have been discovered to help you give yourself a fake hickey on the neck. They include the following;

Make up

This method is considered one of the safest in giving yourself hickeys on the neck. You will need a dark pink, a dark purple, and a dark blue eye shadow. If you have a light complexion, use the lighter eye shadows.


  1. Apply a small amount your eye shadow on a makeup brush. Do not apply too much eye shadow as that would only make it obvious that your hickey is not real.
  2. Stand in front of your mirror and in a circular motion; rub the brush with the pink shadow about one inch across the selected region of your neck.
  3. Next step, apply the purple eye shadow. The amount of purple used should be less than the pink previously applied.
  4. Inside the already created circle, tap the darker color using the pink color. Make ovals on that area so as to bring out the real shape of a hickey using your brush.
  5. On the outer regions of the fake hickey, apply the purple color to ensure a beautiful blend. Remember not to apply too much since removing the color is very hectic.
  6. In the same way you applied the purple eye shadow, apply your blue eye shadow. At this step, you will realize the hickey starts to look more realistic. To ensure the hickey area lasts for long, use your hair spray to carefully spray the fake hickey.

A bottle

In this method, you are required to have exercised properly since it is more intense. If done incorrectly, this method of creating fake hickeys is likely to create injuries. When using this method, you are advised to do it only on the side of the neck and never on the throat region.


  1. Force air out of a 2-litre plastic bottle by squeezing it in the middle. The more air you let out the more intense the hickey becomes.
  2. place the bottle on the side of your neck. Holding the bottle on the neck, create a suction. This will be effective if done for about fifteen seconds. Pull the bottle away very quickly. Ensure you do all this in front of a mirror to avoid making errors.
  3. If you want a wider hickey, repeat the procedure above just next to the already created mark. This will make it appear more real since, while the mouth of the bottle is round, a hickey is oval in shape.

Curling iron

This method requires even more caution as compare to the bottle method. Here, you are required to use hot iron to burn the same region of the neck ( left or right side) two to three times, or until a fake hickey is formed.

You are advised not to hold the hot iron on your skin continuously as this will harm you. You are supposed to place the iron on your neck and draw it away from the skin almost immediately. You will then place it back for an equally short time until you create a fake hickey of your preferred intensity.

When done in the proper manner, the fake hickeys created using the hot iron appear temporarily and after a reasonable period of time, they disappear.

How do you give Someone a Hickey Girl, Guy

Hickeys can be given by anyone, be it a male or female. This is just like a kiss can be given by either of the two. There is not much difference in the way a girl gives a love bite to their partner when compared to a guy giving the hickey to a lady. Discussed below is how a hickey is given to a girl or a guy.

How to give a girl a hickey

It is usually very easy in the case of a guy giving a hickey to a girl. This is probably because of the common belief that women let men make the first move in most cases. When giving your girl a hickey, you will need to do the following;

  1. Create the moment. Here you are required to engage her in say kissing so that she can be in the mood. Clearly, this needs to be done in a secluded place so that you create a moment for the two of you.
  2. When making out, you can kiss her slowly to the region you have identified as the best for a love bite. It feels great and does not hurt at all if done at the right time, that is, when the girl is in a deep moment of love.
  3. Placing your lips on the selected area, suck the selected area for about thirty seconds. After the sucking, you can pat the area with kisses and caresses so as to erase any pain you might have caused her in the process.
  4. Remember to keep your teeth off when sucking to avoid unnecessary injuries.

While some people feel you should seek permission before giving her the hickey, it feels better when it is given unexpectedly in a moment of sharing the great love.

Even that, if you wish to give a hickey to a girl you have not known for so long, it will be necessary to ask her so that the hickey does not put her off.

In addition to that, you will need to enquire what part of her body she likes to be given a love bite. All this questioning could be done prior to that very day you decide on giving her the hickey. Giving her the hickey while you know her idea of hickeys already will make both of you comfortable.

How to give a guy a hickey

If you wish to give a guy a hickey, you may need to consider giving it in a not so much visible region. This is because, in most cases, men will be embarrassed to have such kiss marks in the open unlike ladies.

In this case, you may need to find out earlier what your guy feels about visible hickeys and how much he enjoys having them. Such hints give you the courage to give him the hickey.

All the same, the steps followed in giving a guy a hickey are just the same as the ones discussed in the case of a girl. The only difference is that, men do not offer as many regions for hickeys as women do. In fact, in most cases, the neck or the area next to the shoulders will work best for the guys.

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Tips on how to give a good hickey-Perfect & Properly

What qualifies as a perfect and proper hickey

There are several ways to tell if a hickey was perfect;

  • A hickey will be considered perfect if it does not hurt. A proper hickey should feel good.
  • There should not be side effects that come with it. When done to an extreme, a hickey could cause a blood clot. In such a case, the hickey is considered improper.
  • A hickey should be given at the right part of the body. For instance, you should consider giving your partner a hickey on hidden areas if you do not know what they feel about visible regions.

Best practices & tips to give good hickeys to yourself and someone

If you plan on giving someone or even yourself a hickey, there are things you must keep in mind;

  • Unless you have given your partner a hickey before, consider seeking their permission before doing it to avoid frictions in your relationship. Your partner may be among those who consider hickeys inappropriate. Talking to them first prepares you on how to give them the best hickey.
  • Know where to give the hickey. A hickey should be given on a soft skin. The neck region is considered the best. If you are giving a hickey to a person who likes it private, you can do it on the neck but under the color. Otherwise, choose other areas such as inner thighs, stomach or the arm.
  • Always keep your teeth away when giving a hickey. It is basically a lot of sucking that leaves the shape of a love bite.
  • When giving yourself a love bite using a bottle do not over do the suctioning. Suction a small piece of your skin first for practice since doing it on the neck in the improper way may proof very harmful.
  • Always create the moment first so that your partner can actually enjoy the hickey. Remember, the sucking may be a little painful but proper timing, say in the middle of making out, makes the partner not to realize the pain.

How to give a Hickey with Braces

If you wear braces, you may want to know if you really need to get them off before giving a hickey. Research shows that it is very okay to give a hickey with braces on. Even that, you need to be more careful compared to a person with no braces since the skin, if accidentally caught in between the braces, hurts very much.


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