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How to get rid of White Pus on Tonsils

When you open your mouth, and look at the mirror only to see white spots is likely to surprise you. This might keep you wandering about the causes. There are so many explanations that can be made to explain this. They may be STDs, tonsillitis or even oral infections.

It is likely that the spots can spread to various areas of your mouth to even your tongue, lower throat and the cheeks. There are various remedies that you can go for so as to get relief and healing from this condition.

Pus on Tonsils Causes, Symptoms & Pictures

The appearance of pus on or near your tonsils is caused so many causes. The pus usually appears white and forms an exudate. Always talk to your doctor whenever you see the symptoms so as to determine the remedies.


There are very many possible causes of pus in your tonsils. Some of the identified causes for this condition include strep throat, oral gonorrhea, sore throat, tonsillitis, sexually transmitted diseases and pharyngitis.

The pus forms as a consequence of your immune system trying to fight the bacterial infection on your tonsils. Further, the pus could be an indication of the inflammation and swelling of your tonsils.

  • Can allergies cause pus on tonsils?

The truth is that, you can get tonsillitis related pus from allergies. This because the post nasal drip can enter your mouth and then lead to an irritation at the back of your throat.

The irritation in the long run can lead to inflammation and swelling. With time, the swelling lead to the production of pus as the immune system tries to fight the irritation.

  • Other causes

Besides the above causes, there is a condition called mononucleosis. This is at times called mono. It comes about as a result of the inflammation of the glands called the Weber glands. They are glands under your tongue.[1]


In as much as the pus formation comes with other symptoms of tonsillitis and strep throat, you will see a lot of pus forming at the back side of your throat. your throat is swollen and white in color. The following are some of the unique symptoms that you can observe:

  • A hard time swallowing food
  • Difficulty in swallowing saliva
  • Swollen parts of the neck and face
  • Headache and distorted voice
  • Bad breath

Yellow & White Pus Pockets on Tonsils causes & meaning

The pus-filled pockets range from being smooth and shallow pockets to rough and those that lack a bottom.

With time, the pockets are likely to grow and then form chronic condition. When the pus form, it is likely that you are having tonsil stones. The stones have remains of food and even dead tissues.

White pus pockets on tonsils

When you get sore throat, it is likely that your throat will form white spots. These spots are in most cases filled with pus.

According to the journal of the College of Family Physicians of Canada, it is caused by the strep bacteria. It is so common in the sense that 1 in every 10 people have the infection.[2]

Yellow pus pockets on tonsils

The formation of white pus-filled spots/ pockets on your tonsils is a sign of tonsillitis. This may also come with other symptoms that characterize sore throat.

There are other common symptoms that come with these.They include coughing, headache, high fever, feeling tired and swollen, painful lymph glands around your neck.[3]

You should always learn to consult your doctor whenever you see the white spots on your tonsils. This is because they could be an indicator of a more serious condition.

How to get rid of pus on tonsils-Home Remedies & Other Treatments

Home remedies should always be your first consideration when you want to deal with the pus on your tonsils. There are a number of the remedies that you can use. The following are some the home remedies.

Natural home remedies to get rid of pus on tonsils

The home remedies are easy to make and use at the convenience of your home. Some of them are as follows:

Cayenne pepper

It is very useful in helping you to get rid of the strep throat. The most important component in this remedy is called capsaicin. It also has very strong antimicrobial properties. This makes it able to inhibit the growth and development of bacteria. Further, the capsaicin is able to reduce the inflammation as a result of the conditions of the tonsils.

The procedure would be:

  1. Take one teaspoon of the pepper and then mix with a half a cup of coconut oil
  2. It is likely to hurt your throat because it is very strong
  3. Apply the mixed paste on your throat

Lemon juice

This juice is able to boost your immune system and then help you get rid of the symptoms that come with tonsillitis. Drinking this from time to time will enable you to achieve the results.

Ginger tea

It is known for the treatment of various infections in your throat. It has both anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. All you have to do is crush the ginger and then boil after which you allow it to steep and then drink. Drink it from time to time to get the best outcome.

Onion juice

The onion juice has a plenty of antimicrobial properties. This enables it to deal with the microorganisms that cause you problems in your throat.


It has both anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. These enable to deal with the pus that forms from tonsillitis in no time. If you mix it with a warm glass of coconut milk, then you are able to get the best results.


It has very great antimicrobial properties. These are the ones that make it able to handle the infections. All you should do is mix it with water and then apply it about three times in a week till you get relief.


It is able to boost your immune system and also treat the white spots as a result of tonsillitis which harbor pus. They also help to reduce the inflammation from tonsillitis. Further, they are able to reduce the load of bacterial and viral infections from tonsillitis. So as to make use of this tea:

  1. Get one teaspoon of the dried tea and a piece of ginger then put them in hot water then allow it to steep for some time.
  2. Give the tea some time to cool after which you add some lemon and honey
  3. Take this up to three times in a day till you get the healing benefits.

Coconut oil

It has antifungal properties. These are useful to help reduce white spots and thus reduce the pus.  According to the American Society for Microbiology on antimicrobial effect of coconut oil on candida, coconut oil is able to reduce the increased amount and colonization of candida albicans. Procedure involves:

  1. Mix about 2 drops of clove oil with some cinnamon together with coconut oil
  2. Gargle this mixture in your mouth for some minutes and avoid swallowing this
  3. After spitting the mixture, then rinse your mouth with some warm water and brush your teeth afterwards

Other treatment or cure options

There are other things that you can do so as to deal tonsillitis. The following are just some of the treatment options:

  • Completely quit smoking
  • Do exercise and especially a walk on a daily basis.
  • Don’t come into physical contact with those likely suffering from the condition.
  • Ease the discomfort caused by the infection by taking some pain relieving medications.
  • Eat more fruits and especially those that have high amounts of vitamin C. By this, your immune system will be boosted.
  • Ensure you cover your mouth every time you cough or sneeze to avoid spreading the virus
  • Further, you should avoid eating spicy and rough foods. These foods which can cause scratches in your throat. This only makes the condition worse.
  • Have an adequate refreshing sleep. Power naps would work for you especially in the morning.
  • Limit or reduce the caffeine rich foods like coffee and coca.
  • Make sure you keep watch over the number of partners. This prevents the chances of you getting STDs.
  • Soothe the inflamed gland using a warm cloth
  • Take a lot of water so as keep your body hydrated.

Pus on Tonsils no Fever & Pain

It is possible that you get the pus in your tonsils without any pain. In various cases, this could be interpreted in various ways to mean the occurrence of various conditions. These include viral infections and cancer growths.

  • Why pus on tonsils but no fever and pain?

Generally, cancer growths and viral conditions are the most suspected causes of the appearance of pus on the tonsils. The cancer growths otherwise called malignant growths clear on their own naturally. The use of home remedies is good enough to do away with the condition. Despite this, you should ensure that you see a doctor for a proper diagnosis.

Pus on Tonsils std

There are many conditions with which formation of pus on your tonsils could be associated. Sexually transmitted diseases are examples of such conditions.

  • Is pus on tonsils linked to stds in any way

In almost all cases, the appearance of pus on your tonsils is a symptom of oral STDs.  The most suspected disease is oral gonorrhea. It is an infection that is brought about by bacteria called Neisseria gonorrhea. It forms pus around your pharynx and then goes ahead to be established.

Once the bacteria get established, they may not show any symptoms. You will however get hardship in swallowing food. Within no time, you will get a white/ yellow discharge. The pus-filled tonsils caused by stds is common in those who practice oral sex.[4]

There are other conditions that can cause pus on your tonsils. They include herpes, chlamydia and HIV/AIDS. HIV/ADIS is able to reduce the functionality of your immune system. By so doing, your body becomes very susceptible to many other conditions that may lead to formation of white spots and pus on your tonsils.

Sore Throat and pus on Tonsils

  • Can a sore throat infection cause pus on tonsils?

In most cases, these infections are so painful even more than the pain that is caused by the pus formation on your throat. When you have a sore throat, you are infected by the strep bacteria.

In this case, the bacteria cause inflammation. The inflammation is as a result of the body immune system trying to fight infection. In the end, there is deposition of dead bacterial cells as well as used up white blood cells.[5]

  • What if there is pus from tonsils but no sore throat?

There are times when you go for a test of strep throat, but realize that the test indicates negative. In this case, it is likely that you have another condition and not a sore throat.

There are some other conditions that may be victim in for this appearance. They include oral gonorrhea, oral herpes, oral thrush and even leukoplakia.

Your doctor is always in the best position to determine the kind of bacteria and then determine the best medication for this condition. This is after conducting a proper diagnosis.

Popping and squeezing pus out of tonsils

Most of the throat conditions go away on their own without calling for any treatment. There are cases where they take longer than seven days to heal. In this case, you should be worried and thus seek medical intervention.

How possible is it to squeeze pus out of tonsils?

It is possible to remove the pus from your tonsils by popping. This is mostly possible if the right method is employed. You will get desirable effects within a very short time.

Can pus-filled tonsils be popped?

The most useful and perhaps the best way to remove the pus from your tonsils is through popping. In this method, a minor surgery is undertaken. This is called tonsillectomy.

In this case, the method helps to prevent the recurrence of tonsils. It is a simple and straight forward procedure in which you are finally able to drain the pus from the infected tonsils.[6]



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