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How to get Rid of a Fever Blister Immediately & Overnight

If your are suffering from a fever blister, of course you want to get rid of it immediately, or at least in less that 24 hours (overnight). Below are fast home remedies, medications and more ideas to help you do away with cold sores.

Home Remedies

Following are top home remedies known to eliminate cold sores fast.

tea tree oil fever blister fast heal
Fever Blister/ Cold sore on upper lip

Tea tree oil

This is an essential oil that has antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial properties. Due to that reason, it can be used to effectively get rid of the blisters that are brought about by fever.

tea tree oil fever blister fast heal
Tea Tree Oil

The procedure to help you fully reap the benefits is as follows:

  1. Take three parts of water and mix with one part of the tea tree oil to make a dilution
  2. Apply the dilution to the area of your body with the blister about three times a day
  3. Apply for several days

Apart from that, you can enhance the performance of this oil by mixing it with olive oil and some eucalyptus oil. Apply the mixture to the area affected thrice a day for about five days.

Hydrogen peroxide

It can be used because of its natural disinfectant properties. It also effectively kills bacteria that infect the blisters from time to time. This solution is also strong against the herpes virus that bring about fever blisters especially in warm and moist areas of your body.


  1. Dab 3% of the solution to the blisters using a cotton ball
  2. Let the area interact with the solution for about 5 minutes then use a washcloth to pat the area dry
  3. Carry on the procedure thrice daily for about four days

Whole milk

Milk has some components of the immune system that are called immunoglobulins. It also has calcium and all these help to fight the viruses that are culprits in bringing about fever blisters.

Apart from that, it has a particular fat that is known as monocaprin that has strong effects against viruses.


  1. Take a cotton ball and soak it in cold whole milk
  2. After that, apply it to the blister area
  3. Let it stay for about 10 minutes
  4. Do this three to four times a day for about four days

Use ice ( Cold compress)

There is a lot of pain that comes with fever blisters. Apart from that, there is a lot of swelling and redness accompanying.

Cold Compress fever blister fast relief
Ice Compress

The use of cold compress using ice helps to do away with the pain and reduce the redness and swelling. Similarly, the compress can curb the spread of the blister.


  1. Get some ice cubes and then wrap them in a wash cloth
  2. Put the ice on the affected area for around 15 minutes
  3. Do this after every three to four hours a day

Each time you are done with the compress, apply some layer of lemon ointment to the area.


This is not only an ingredient of pastries and desserts including sugar cookies, puff pastries and butter creams but also an important medicinal ingredient.

It has an active ingredient called vanillin that has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. When you apply it on the blister, it helps to get rid of the burning and tingling feeling that is brought about by viral infection.

It is specifically important against the blisters that appear around the mouth.


  1. Apply about 4 to five drops of the vanilla to the fever blister using a cotton swab
  2. Do this four to five times a day till you experience full recovery
  3. You can also make a mixture of the vanilla with a cup of water then wash your face around three to four times a day for a period of one week

Witch hazel

It has anti-inflammatory properties. There have been studies which reveal that this herb is stronger than chamomile cream and the hydrocortisone cream.  The herb has also been shown to have antiviral properties.


  1. Soak a cotton wool in witch hazel
  2. Apply it on the affected area gently
  3. Repeat this procedure two times a day for around two weeks

Aloe vera

It has strong antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. It also goes as far as strengthening the immune system and this puts you at a better position to fight the on-coming infections.

It has also been shown to get rid of the herpes virus that can bring about the fever blisters. It is not likely to cause any allergic reactions and hence very useful.


  1. Make a slice of the aloe vera leaf ( two pieces)
  2. Get the gel out of the leaves
  3. Apply the gel on the affected area
  4. Repeat the technique once daily for about a week


It has very anti-viral properties especially against the herpes virus. It also has very strong anti-inflammatory properties. It does this by preventing the formation of the inflammatory mediators and inhibiting the virus growth.


  1. Grind one clove of garlic
  2. Apply the garlic to the fever blister
  3. Repeat this four times in a day for a week
  4. Alternatively, you can grind the garlic and make a juice extract
  5. Mix the extract with some natural honey
  6. Put a layer of the mixture on the blister
  7. Carry out the procedure once daily till the condition is completely cleared

Lemon balm

There is evidence from research that shows that lemon balm is strong against herpes virus. It also helps to, limit the spread of very contagious infections.


  1. Make a blend of lemon balm oil and some olive oil
  2. Soak a cotton tip into the mixture
  3. Put some drops of the mixture to the blister
  4. Repeat this four times a day for around a week

Peppermint oil

peppermint oil for fever blister
Peppermint Oil

It has very suicidal effects against herpes virus. It has been known to get rid of specifically the resistant strain of this type of virus. It is used as a topical application because it can easily penetrate the skin.


  1. Clean the area of the sore to get rid of any oil
  2. Soak a cotton wool into the peppermint oil
  3. Apply the oil to the affected area gently
  4. Repeat this for a week or two till the infection goes away

Sandalwood oil

This is an essential oil that is very suicidal against viruses. It has the ability to prevent the growth and spread of viruses. It can also be used to provide relief from pain and discomfort that the fever blister can cause.


  1. Mix three drops of sandalwood oil and with one teaspoon of olive oil
  2. Apply a layer of the mixture to the blister using a cotton wool
  3. Do this once daily for a week

Lemon grass

This oil prevents the reproduction of the herpes virus. It also goes ahead to relieve pain and the tingling sensation that is brought about by the blister.


  1. Make a mixture of four drops of lemon grass with a teaspoon of olive oil
  2. Insert the tip of cotton wool into the mixture
  3. Apply the mixture gently to the blister
  4. Repeat this every day for two weeks

Fast Fever Blister Medication & Treatment

L- Lysine

This is a type of amino acid supplement that can be used both to prevent and treat the blisters. According to the Harvard Health Publication, this is a type of amino acid that can prevent the amino acid that is responsible for fever blisters.

Penciclovir cream

It is an antiviral cream it shortens the healing time by about one to two days. This is mostly if the blister was brought about by exposure to sunlight.  Apart from that, it relieves the pain, itch, burning sensations and tenderness due to the blister.

fever blister medications overnight healing
Fenistil Penciclovir cream

Acyclovir ointment cream

This remedy is used mostly at the first sign of the fever blister. According the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it should be used only be used to treat recurrent sores in those older than 12 years.

It hastens the healing process by almost half a day. You should be a bit careful because it causes some slight irritation.[1]

Other ways to Heal a Fever Blister in 24 hours

There are some other remedies that you can use although they are not necessarily prescribed. They are as follows:

Tetracaine cream and lidocaine

They are responsible for providing some relief from pain and itching from the fever blisters. You should apply the combination six times daily to gain the best results.

The only concern is that it might bring about relief after about two to three days after application. Do not use the product on your child if it is below two years unless under instruction by your doctor.

Docosanol 10%

You should use it immediately you spot the fever blister. It has the approval of The FDA. It shortens the healing time of the fever blister.

Benzyl alcohol

This is a gel that is good for relieving the pain from the fever blisters. It also shortens the healing time for the fever blister if it is applied as soon as the blister is noticed.


It moisturizes the skin and offers some protection against the sun. Apart from that, it can relieve the pain and itching that comes with the fever blister. More to that, it also prevents the recurrence of fever blisters.

Apple cedar vinegar

apple cider vinegar for  cold sores treatment

There is some research that has shown that it has anti-infective and antifungal properties that may help get rid of fever blisters. To help, you simply soak a cotton wool in the vinegar and apply to the blister spot several times a day.

Oregano oil

It prevents the growth of viruses including the herpes virus that causes fever blisters. To benefit fully, you should apply the oil to the affected area and hold for some it there for some minutes. You should continue with the treatment till the blister disappears.[2]


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