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Coconut Oil for Bleached Hair-Before and After Method

How good is coconut oil for bleached hair? Do you need the apply to oil before or after bleaching? Is coconut oil safe for damaged bleached hair? Read on find out more in addition to method and recipes on how to use the oil for hair.

Coconut Oil for Bleached Hair-Is it Safe?

Hair bleach is usually made up of hydrogen peroxide, ammonia and toner. Bleaching your hair removes the color from your hair by the process of oxidation.

During oxidation, ingredients release oxygen molecules that bind to melanin pigments and gradually dissolve the pigment. Oxidation decolorizes the pigment in your hair shaft which can turn your hair almost white when left on for long periods of time.

Bleaching your hair makes it look puffier and a little cray because it opens up your hair strands making it to become puffier and fizzier after dyeing.

coconut oil for bleached hair before over after
Coconut oil is good for hair

Coconut oil has the best properties for protecting your hair during any bleach process. The use of coconut oil is beneficial to fix these problems because it is a rich source of lauric acid, which has a high affinity for hair proteins.

This property makes the oil to penetrate into the hair shaft. Studies show that Coconut oil prevents the cuticle from becoming damaged and makes the hair look healthy and fresh. It also reduces damage from permanent hair colors and it does not interfere with color results.

Is coconut oil safe for bleached hair? Can anyone use it?

On safety, coconut oil gets mixed results. Some folks report immediately healthier and smoother hair, while others say that their hair fell out by the handfull after using it. It is not good for everyone. As aforementioned, it is especially beneficial to those who lack enough natural protein in  their hair follicles

Generally, coconut oil is a natural chelating product which reduces iron and copper production which happens when you use bleach on your hair. Coconut oil helps in leaving your

 How safe is coconut oil for bleached hair?
Bleached hair

bleached hair feeling more soft and healthy looking. It also helps your hair feel hay like and significant softer with consistent use makes it more manageable.

Coconut Oil Before Bleaching Method- Bleaching over Coconut Oil

Applying coconut oil before bleaching your hair helps to build up natural oils in your hair that serves as a protector from bleach and other harsh chemicals that are often used in hair bleaching chemicals.

Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids like lauric acid also; the molecular structure of coconut oil does more than coat hair. Your hair appears thicker and shinier, protein loss is stopped and oil absorbs into the hair shaft and filling it so to prevent penetration of substances.

The antifungal nature of coconut oil combats dandruff, and antimicrobial properties will kill lice and eggs. Its natural antibacterial and antgiviral properties also help to heal other scalp infections that may occur.

Coconut oil also comes with other benefits for your hair which include

Cooling properties: Coconut oil has a cooling effect when applied to the scalp. It can cool and soothe people with hot heads, or those who suffer from severe scalp sweating.

Prevents gray hair and baldness: Coconut oil can be beneficial for preventing baldness and gray hair when applied to your hair.

Promotes hair growth: Coconut oil can help your hair grow longer by: moisturizing your hair and reducing breakage, protecting your hair from protein loss and damage when wet and protecting your hair from environmental damage.

Lice prevention: Studies have shown that when coconut oil is combined with a spray, it is more effective at treating head lice than the chemical permethrin.

coconut oil for hair lice prevention

Dandruff treatment: Overgrowth of fungus or yeast on the scalp can cause dandruff. Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties and it is useful for treating dandruff.

Hair conditioning: Coconut oil is a better hair conditioner compared to other oils found in the market. Using warm coconut oil helps in keeping your hair shiny and soft.

Hair toning: Coconut oil also helps to change the color of your hair especially if your hair is dry. So applying a mixture of coconut oil and lavender essential oil on your scalp it will help in toning your hair.

Sun protection: UV filters can help protect your hair from sun damage. Some studies have found that coconut oil has a sun protection factor which helps in protecting your hair from sun damage. Other benefits include;

  • Soothing effects.
  • Ultra-moisturizing effects.
  • General health-boosting properties.

Coconut oil bleaching method Tutorial

Bleaching Over Coconut Oil before and after

Coconut Oil after Bleaching Hair & for Damaged Bleached Hair

You have already learnt that coconut before bleaching your has a number of benefits. It is safe to bleach over coconut oil. What about after bleaching your hair? Can it help damaged bleached hair?

Should I put Coconut Oil on my Bleached Hair?

Yes. It safe and be assured to rip most of the benefits that you have already above. In most cases, coconut oil will not damage your bleached hair. However, it may cause discoloration depending some of the following factors;

  1. Porosity of your hair
  2. Pre-existing damage
  3. Hair type
  4. Texture

If you notice an unusual change after applying coconut oil on your bleached hair, it is recommended that you ask your hairdresser. Always do a patch test on a small amount of hair to determine whether or not the oil you decide to try will impact your bleached hair. Opt for natural coconut oil.

Coconut oil for damaged bleached hair

If your hair got damaged after bleaching, coconut oil can help. Here are a few coconut oil recipes to repair your damaged bleached hair fast at home

Coconut oil and honey

coconut honey for damaged bleached hair
Honey and coconut oil

For this, all you need honey, coconut oil, a mixing bowl, a spoon, towel and a shower cap

How to prepare
  1. Add 1/4 of honey and 1/4 of coconut oil into the mixing bowl.
  2. Mix the ingredients using a spoon until they are perfectly combined.
  3. Apply the mixture to your hair. Use a towel around your neck to protect your clothes and section your hair off. Apply evenly from top to bottom, focusing on the areas where most damage has occurred.
  4. Put on a shower cap
  5. Leave on the mask for about an hour to soak in.
  6. Shampoo and rinse

Olive oil and Coconut Oil

Another way to use coconut oil for damaged bleached hair is to mix it with olive oil. What role does olive oil play in this case? It aids in making your hair stronger while stopping breakage.

  1. A mix bowl
  2. Spoon
  3. 1 table spoon of extra virgin olive oil
  4. 1 cup of natural coconut oil
  5. Shower cap
  1. Add the oils in a mixing bowl and mix together using a spoon.
  2. Take a handful and apply to hair using your hands.
  3. Gently massage into your scalp. Do not forget your ends where damages seem to appear. Ensure to cover all your hair
  4. Put on a shower cap to let the oil soak in for an hour or so. You leave overnight.
  5. Shampoo and rinse

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