Home warts Banana Peels for Warts Removal-Does it work?

Banana Peels for Warts Removal-Does it work?

How effective are banana peels for warts removal? Do they really work? Read on to find out.

 There are a number of chemical remedies that are available to treat warts on your skin. They range from the cryotherapy to salicylic acid.

Most of these commercial treatments are costly and could make your skin to appear uglier than the warts themselves.

Banana Peels and Wart Removal-Science

You can use the banana peels to treat a number of medical conditions including the corns, acne and psoriasis. Warts in this case can be treated using the peels as well.

Do banana peels really cure warts

Banana peels are full of potassium. Further, the peels have salicylic acid and lutein which is an antioxidant. Mostly, you will have warts and other skin conditions if your body has inadequate potassium.[1]

banana peels for wart removal and cure
Banana Peels

The banana therefore replenishes the deficit. The potassium levels in banana peels are equated to amounts in apple cider vinegar. By so doing, your immune system gets the boost to cure the wart in a more natural way.

Besides the above information, there is anecdotal information that banana peels keep the affected area moist.

Apart from that, the peels are said to reduce the irritation around the affected area. For effectiveness, the banana is used with other remedies like the essential oils.

Different treatments work for different people to cure conditions. This depends on the size of the wart, its location and the type of wart.

Some methods are harsher than others and could cause side effects that include scar formation. Gentle methods are thus more preferable. The banana peels are hence handy in that regard.

Research and Science behind use of banana peels for warts

There is no substantial research that points out the usefulness of banana peels for warts.

However, The People Pharmacy indicates that warts are very susceptible to home remedies and banana peels are one of the most effective ones.[2]

There a number of positive reviews on the Earth clinic that show positive results from the use of banana peels for warts.

Many reviewers indicate that they used the peels and realized results within a period of about one week. They used the treatment mostly at night before bed.[3]

How are Banana Peels Possibly used to cure Warts?

You can use the banana peels in a number of ways to cure or deal with warts on your skin. The different ways take a stepwise approach. According to the University of Maryland and Medical Center, the inside of a banana peel taped on the wart is very effective.

The different ways the peels are used are as below;

Begin this process by choosing the banana that is very ripe. This is because riper bananas are moister and have higher levels of potassium, which is useful against the warts. You can store the part of the banana peel that you do not use at that time for a later date.[4]

After that, cut the banana into sections that are a bit larger than the warts. Use a very sharp knife, although meat scissors are considered a better option. Obtain a band aid so as to keep the banana peel in place.

Soak the wart in some warm water for about 5 minutes so as to make it soft. This hastens the treatment process. Then clean the wart thoroughly with a lot of water and soap after which you dry it well.

Add some tea tree oil to the regimen and rub into the wart a bit. Put the white part of the peel in contact with the wart and then apply a band aid to help hold the peel in place. Leave it there for about 12 hours.

Two times in a day, remove the bandage and wash the wart and then replace the peel with a new one till it turns black and then falls off finally.

The time the peel takes to fall off depends on its size. Larger warts take longer to die and fall off.

Also, plantar warts growing at the bottom of your feet take as long as three months to heal completely with a banana treatment.

The wart can be so painful and at times make you use the harsh methods to treat. These harsh methods however cause pain and future scarring.

The banana peel is a painless relief and leaves no scar after complete healing. If the wart is painful and is growing faster, then your doctor should prescribe for you a faster approach to help.[5]

Banana peel and tea tree oil

You will need

  • A ripe banana
  • A sharp knife
  • About 4 drops of tea tree oil
  • A medical tape


  1. Cut the ripe banana peel into about 1 to 2 inches using a sharp knife
  2. Place the tea tree oil onto the wart. This is recommended by University of Maryland Medical Center because of its potent antifungal and anti-viral properties that make the banana peel work optimally.
  3. Cover the wart area with the banana peel particularly the inner surface. Cover the peel with a medical tape and leave it overnight. You are required to remove it in the morning.
  4. Repeat this process every night until the wart disappears. This however depends on the severity of the wart.


What are the tips & tricks to make this method more Effective?

You should always try to make the treatment using the banana peels maximum. This is done following some of the tips below:

Use of thuja tincture.

This is a very common home remedy that is very useful against fungal and viral infections. Cover the wart area with the banana peel at least once every 24 hours.

Mostly, apply it before bedtime then remove it first thing in the morning. The warts turn black and then disappears after some time.

Do not use a green banana peel.

The wart treatment works best if a ripe banana peel is used since it has relatively more potassium content.

In the course of treatment, ensure that you eat fruits like avocado, sweet potatoes and spinach. These fruits give your immune system some reinforcement. Your body will therefore be able to fight the attack by HPV.

When treating the wart, wash your hands well. You can also wear gloves. This prevents the wart from spreading to other areas


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