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Anti Bloating Foods and Drinks-What Foods help Bloating & Gas?

What are the best anti bloating foods and drinks? What foods that help or do not cause bloating and gas?  Read to find out, how to reduce bloating quickly with food, a list of  drinks, vegetables, oils, and nuts to eat when bloated and gassy

Best Anti Bloating Foods – Drinks List

The best anti-bloating drinks include;

Peppermint tea

peppermint tea is high in menthol It promotes relaxation, digestion and provides immune development. Pepper mint can also act as an appetite suppressant whereby it prevents binge eating which leads to stomach bloating.

Peppermint tea for bloating and gas
Peppermint oil tea

It also increases your metabolism which can result in weight loss for those who are overweight. You should therefore put this tea under ice and drink it to relieve bloating symptoms.

In place of mint, you can use lemon grass. The ingredients mint and lemongrass are said to soothe   stomach issues and helps in digestion. It also makes you hydrated

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Flavored water

Drinking plenty of water helps your body to maintain proper fluid balance, stops water retention which leads to bloating and it even increases the feeling of fullness making you to eat less. You can flavor your water at home with fruits or herbs such as mint

 Iced Green Tea (unsweetened):

Artificial sweeteners can make you to feel more bloated. Much like the health benefits of peppermint tea, green tea it contains high amounts of flavonoids which are plant-derived compounds that are antioxidants. According to a publication by Harvard Medical School, regular consumers have a reduced risk of heart disease.

Water melon slushy

It is high in lycopene which helps in improving your cardiovascular health and also keeps you hydrated always making you to relieve bloating.

Hot pineapple juice

Warm pineapple juice has many benefits for a bloated stomach. Pineapple contains an enzyme known as bromelain, which can help aid digestion and prevent bloating, especially after you take a heavy or high-protein diet.

Spinach smoothies

Spinach smoothie to reduce bloating
Spinach Smoothie

According to experts, this vegetable drink contains an amino acid called asparagus and it is also high in potassium which acts as a diuretic in flushing out excess liquids from your body system. This is according to the Huffing Post. It also promotes weight loss and makes you more energized.

Chamomile tea

It is a soothing and relaxing herb which is often made into an infusion that has been used to relieve bloating since the ancient times. It is one of the best known-relievers of bloating, acid reflux and discomfort caused by overeating.

You can make it by yourself at home or you can purchase it as prepackaged teabags. It is a caffeine free alternative to black tea, or coffee and it can also help towards soothing a wide range of ailments.

Warm cinnamon

It has been used for many centuries as a remedy for stomach upsets. The spice helps to reduce pressure on the abdomen by encouraging the passage of gas, therefore providing relief from bloating.

Cinnamon tea can be made from either a stick of cinnamon or cinnamon powder which is then mixed with a dash of honey. Drinking warm cinnamon tea daily will help in relaxing your digestive system.

Plain hot water

anti bloat drinks plain hot water
plain hot water

Water is an important component of your body’s need and it should thus not be neglected. When you drink water throughout the day it ensures that your body does not become bloated as it fights to retain water.

Dairy Products such as Yogurt (Probiotics)

You should choose plain, on-fat or low fat yogurt because it contains active live cultures. When you consume yogurt regularly with live cultures they increase lactobacillus and bifidobacterium-the good bacteria in the digestive tract which facilitate efficient digestion and prevents you from bloating.

Dairy food products to debloat
probiotic yogurt

It is important to note dairy products do not work as anti bloating drinks for everyone. According to research, dairy products can cause bloating to those individuals who have diagnosed with lactose intolerance because they are unable to digest lactose which causes stomach problems like bloating or constipation.


This is a Korean staple which is a prime example of fermented food-others include sauerkraut, pickles and tempeh.It is filled with Probiotics to help in boosting good, digestive-tract-healing gut bacteria.

 Foods to Reduce Bloating Quickly-Best Anti Bloating Fruits


lemons contain gentle, natural laxative and diuretic properties this is according to registered dietitian David Grotto. Because of this properties lemon can help to alleviate constipation and flush the excess salt from your body. Once the extra salt has been removed from your body, your body will reduce the amount of water it retains thereby helping you to ‘debloat’.


Fruits for bloating
Cucumber is one the best fruits for bloating and gas

Cucumbers also have a high water content which makes it to be great for belly bloating. Cucumber is a natural diuretic. It contains a lot of water that helps to remove excess salts from your body system, in turn helping to prevent water retention and therefore helping to reduce bloating.


Melons contain a high water content of about 92% making it also to be a natural diuretic. It helps to flush excess water from your body system which in turn makes your body to do not retain water by making you to urinate excess water and salt out of your body. It also protects your body from dehydration that is caused by excess salts.

The potassium in melons helps you to excrete sodium and relive bloating. The potassium content in melons will help you to reach the recommended daily intake of 4,700 milligrams.


Pineapples contain 85% of water, but they also boost the digestive enzyme bromelain.Bromelain is a peptide that breaks down protein. According to the University of Maryland Medical Centre, it notes that bromelain has been used in centuries in Central and South America to care for indigestion.


Bloating is often by the inability to digest foods that are consumed. Digestive enzymes are categorized by their ability to break down carbohydrates, fats, proteins and fiber in order to get food out of your digestive tract to prevent gas and bloating. Avocado contains the digestive enzyme lipase, which breaks down fat. Its high potassium content also helps to eliminate water from your system.

Citrus fruits

Orange and grape fruits contain 80 to 90% water. Your body retains water when you need it most so you don’t get dehydrated. The water content of citrus fruits hydrates you and signals your body that it can flush out extra water.


They may look heavy but they do not make you to gain weight. They are high in fiber and potassium content which can help in relieving water retention hence alleviating bloating symptoms. Some websites disagree that bananas can worsen your bloating symptoms but according to different studies conducted, bananas relieve bloating because of its high potassium content.

Papaya (papain)

A 2009 study showed that raw papaya contains a white, milky substance called papain and when ripe, the fruit is moderately laxative and helps in the movement of the bowels hence preventing you from bloating.

Nutty Foods that Relief Bloating Quickly

Almonds and pistachios are great, non-bloating snacks provided that they are unsalted. Their high-protein content hells you feel fuller faster hence helping you consume less food in turn preventing you from bloating.

Best nuts for bloating and gas

Cereals that Reduce Bloating Fast

Grainy bread

Research suggests that you should stay away from processed white bread because it contains sodium which may lead to water retention. It can also cause an increase in your blood sugar levels leaving you hungry.

Cereals to relief bloating
Grainy Bread to ease bloating

For whole-grain bread it is high in fiber, which stabilizes your blood sugar levels and suppresses appetite hence helps to prevent bloating because you will not eat frequently.


According to American College of Gastroenterelogy, rice and rice flour make a good substitute for starches such as wheat, oats, corn and potatoes.

Rice is fully digested in the small intestines, giving it the least potential to form gas in the gut. You can also take brown rice because it takes long to digest helping you to keep you full always.

Best Vegetables to eat when Bloated


They have long been used to regulate the bowel and control excessive intestinal gas. Compounds contained in celery have shown to reduce the amount of water that your body retains and due to its high water content it can help in flushing out excessive amounts of salt.

Best anti bloating vegetables celery

Other vegetables include; Butternut, squash, carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, eggplant, spinach and Swiss chard are the best vegetable that do not cause bloating and gas

Oils that help Bloating

Peppermint oil

It helps to relieve most forms of pain and eliminate symptoms of bloating. It calms your stomach muscles, reducing pain from cramping. It also helps to eliminate gas from your intestines.

Ginger oil

It is a spicy energizing essential oil with warming and contraction of muscles qualities that help in soothing your intestinal lining. This oil helps in relieving gas and bloating due to its carminative effects.

Chamomile oil

It reduces bowel inflammation and eases your cramping pain. It also helps to eliminate gas in the intestines. It has also been noted though it has not been scientifically unproven that it helps get rid of body parasites. It has ant-gas and pain relieving qualities that make it a good remedy for digestive distress.

Cumin essential oil

Cumin oil is a great remedy for pain, cramps, and detoxing.It can help with Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms like diarrhea and constipation problems.


Cardamom essential oil is delicious smelling oil that is warming, strengthening and energizing in nature that has the ability for supporting your digestive system. It helps in relieving abdominal gas, bloating, nausea and cramping.

Digest Zen oil

It is a blend of oils that contains ginger, fennel, coriander, peppermint, tarragon, aniseb and caraway essential oils. Due to the combination of these essential oils it plays a role in relieving stomach problems like, motion sickness, indigestion, nausea, staganancy, gas, bloating and upset stomach.

Fennel essential oil

It has a sweet licorice-y scent and strong carminative properties making it wonderful oil for gas and stomach bloating. If you have no other oil you can use this oil to soothe stomach ache, vomiting, gas, bloating, cramping, diarrhea and indigestion problems.

Rosemary oil

The treelike herb has been used in a wide variety of gastrointestinal remedies in Europe for many centuries. It is thought to help calm muscles, making it a popular bloating remedy as well as constipation reliever.

Lemon oil

It is associated with its pleasing smell and it has been associated with relieving constipation and has been associated with improving the health of the nervous system.

Best oils for bloating-rosemary
Rosemary oil

Sweet Basil oil

Basil is most often thought for its culinary applications, but the oil of the herb has also a long history in herbal medicine. It is considered a useful herb for digestive disorders, and its essential oil can be useful in digestion.

Digizen oil

It contains peppermint, dill weed, and staranise, ginger, citronella and copaiba essential oils which makes it well for soothing gas and bloating as well as the sensation of feeling full after meals. The copaiba essential oil makes the other essential oils in this blend more effective.


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