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Painful Sore White Spots on Gums Causes & Remedies

Statistics show that there is an increased number of people who complain about white spots on gums.  Babies are also victims of this condition. Read on to find out what these bumps mean, pictures, causes and how to get rid them.

Painful White Spot on Gums above/below Tooth Meaning & Pictures

What they are and Meaning

Some specialists refer to the condition where white spots form on the gums as leukoplakia. Leukoplakia refers to white patches that develop on the gums.

White spots on the gums come about when delicate tissues in your mouth are irritated. Ill-fitting dentures and some other dental instruments are also responsible for white spots.

At times, the painful white spots on the gums show the presence of oral cancer. National dental organization confirms that white patches on the gums may show presence of gum cancer. Your doctor can also carry out a biopsy so that he/she is sure you do not have oral cancer.

White spots on gums in mouth pictures

white spots on gums pictures
Photos of white spots on gums

Causes of painful, Hard Sore White Spot on Gums

There are several reasons you have white spots on the gums. The causes include the following;

Teeth whitening

You may wish to whiten your teeth and this involves procedure performance in your teeth. The procedures involve bleaching your teeth. This procedure is a chemical process and your dentist will use an oxidizing agent which discolors the stains in your teeth.

Despite the sparkling appearance of your teeth that comes after the process, you need to realize that there is a likelihood of developing white spots in your gums after the teeth whitening process.

This happens when the chemicals used in teeth whitening react with your gums leaving them peeled. Consequently, your gums form white spots.


Stomatitis is the process through which the mucous lining of the mouth gets inflamed. This condition is usually very painful and may be characterized by white spots on gums.

The main reasons as to why you get stomatitis include; burns from taking hot foods and drinks, an allergic reaction by the body, or even poor oral hygiene.

Oral Cancer

When a tumor develops in the lining of your mouth, you are classified as an oral cancer patient. When you have oral cancer, you will notice signs such as white spots on the gums.

Factors that accelerate the risk of oral cancer include; heavy alcohol consumption, continuous use of tobacco products, as well as continuous exposure to the sun.

You are therefore advised to see your doctor for a checkup as soon as you notice white spots on the gums. This is so that the doctor can advise accordingly in case you are diagnosed with cancer.

Hydrogen peroxide

You may get white spots on your gums once you use hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide has chemical compounds that react with your gums leaving you with white patches on the gums. Most people who use hydrogen peroxide to kill dental bacteria should be aware of such side effects.

Cracks from solid foods, dental frictions, and vigorous brushing are some of the reasons your gum cells are injured. The injuries open the gum cells and hence spill the enzyme catalase that is contained in them.

These are the enzymes that break hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water; the breaking of which results to formation of white spots in your gums.

Oral leukoplakia

One of the changes you notice once you develop oral leukoplakia is white spots on your gums. When areas of keratosis appear as white patches firmly attached on the oral cavity membranes, you are said to have oral leukoplakia.

As much as this condition is not considered very dangerous, it could be risky to leave it untreated. More precisely, you should see you doctor immediately should you experience itching.

Mouth ulcers

Some of the characteristics of mouth ulcers are white bumps in the mouth. When you develop several white spots on your gums, they are probably as a result of mouth ulcers. In this case, you must see your doctor.


The braces that you wear in your teeth could be responsible for the white spots on your gums. This is because, the braces are likely to prevent how well you clean your mouth and hence the gums get infected causing the white spots.

Gum disease

Poor dental hygiene causes gum disease. Accumulation of dirt in your mouth results to complications such as white spots in the gums which could be very painful.

White Spots on Baby Gums Meaning

It is not only adults who show white spots or bumps on the gums. Babies are also affected with condition.

In babies, the color ranges from white to yellowish. They may be hard, flat and round. Most of these bumps disappear on their own.

white spot baby gum photo
white spot baby gum

So, what could these white spots be?

If they appear on your baby’s gum line then they are Bohn’s nodules. These are usually protein-filled small round bumps rupture spontaneously. They disappear on their own within few days.

Oral Thrush-this a fungal infection presents itself as white patches in your baby’s gums, roof of mouth, inner cheeks and on tongue. Despite the fact that these types of bumps are harmless, they are thought to cause discomfort

Just like the Bohn’s nodules, thrush also disappears on its own. If they do not seem to go away, check your pediatrician for prescription medications

The white spots or bumps may be resulting from emerging natal teeth. Teeth which some babies are born with.

How to get Rid of Painful white spot on gums Natural Remedies at Home

White spots on your gums cause a lot of discomfort especially when they come with a painful irritation.  You will likely also have a bad smell from your mouth which is likely to tamper with your self-esteem.

Treatment of these white spots depends on what has caused them. In case of cancer, you must see your doctor. Otherwise, you could try some homemade remedies;

Aloe vera

Among the best soothing plants is Aloe Vera. It contains antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-itching properties all which aid in the healing process when you have the white spots in your gums.


  1. In half a cup of water, add some aloe vera gel
  2. Stir gently to make a good mixture
  3. You are required to swish the mixture three times a day so as to speed up the healing process

Honey rub

Just like Aloe vera, honey contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties all of which you need to treat the white patches on your gums.


  1. Warm some amount of water
  2. Swish it in your mouth
  3. Apply the honey on the gums and leave the coating there for ten minutes
  4. Rinse this honey out of your mouth
  5. Repeat this procedure two times in a day. Alternatively, just apply the oil directly on your gums.

Coconut oil

Rich in anti-inflammatories and antimicrobials, coconut oil is useful in treating the white spots on the gums. It gets rid of canker which is likely to cause white patches in the gums.


  1. Take a reasonable amount of coconut oil depending on how many white spots you have in your gums
  2. Allow it to sit in your mouth for ten minutes then through it out
  3. This should be done until the white spots disappear

Chamomile tea bag

Bisabolol is a chemical compound found in German chamomile which contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. These are the properties which help reduce the pain which comes with the white spots in the gums.


  1. Take a teabag of chamomile and fresh drinking water
  2. Place the teabags in the water allowing them to soak
  3. Take the tea bag and place it on the affected gum area for three minutes
  4. Repeat this process daily

Salt water and clove oil

Rinsing your mouth with salt water is one way to get rid of the white spots. Used in combination with clove oil, it brings you so much relief from the pain caused by the white spots on the gums. You are advised to preferably mix your salt with warm water for better results.

White Sore Spot on Gums no Pain

Sometimes, the white spots on your gums are painless. Majorly, such white spots are caused by an allergic reaction after using a toothpaste.

Toothpaste reaction

Sometimes, a mild allergic reaction occurs in your mouth after brushing. This reaction is either characterized by white spots on the gums or even bumps on the tongue. Even that, the white spots due to such reactions do not hurt.

This is explained by the alcohol content that is found in most mouthwash products. One such common mouthwash is Listerine.  In fact, if you continuously use a mouthwash containing alcohol, you are likely to develop oral cancer. Already explained, oral cancer will lead to changes in your mouth such as white spots on the gums.


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