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Red Scabs on Shaft, Causes and Treatment

There are many things that you will notice about your male reproductive organ(MRO) in your lifetime. The skin is more sensitive and you should therefore expect that skin conditions may arise at any time. It would be good, however, if you were able to determine the cause of the skin condition.

There are those that you should raise alarms about and visit a medical professional while there are some that will only require time and some good management to heal. It is however very important to ask yourself why you have what you see and if there is any connection to a causal or causative agent.

Scab on Male organ

One of the skin conditions that you will perhaps come across is a scab on the MRO. Scabs will present differently and with different symptoms which are useful in the development of a diagnosis and a treatment plan. Some of the characteristics of a scab on the MRO are mentioned in this section. You will have:

Itchiness. This could be a result of a condition known as scabies or mite infestation. In order to differentiate such kind of itching with the normal itch, you will have an intense urge to scratch your MRO when it is hot or at night. When the itchy rash is left to crust on the skin of the MRO, it will lead to the formation of a scab.

Small crusts . The scabs resemble raised crusts that are brown or black in color. You might not notice it easily especially when the scabs are underneath the MRO yet you rarely inspect it.

Spots. The scabs will appear as spots on the MRO and this may give an indicator to a causal factor. The skin condition molluscum contagiosum could have such a feature and would therefore form scabs on the MRO.

Why do I have a Scab on my Package?

Now that you understand how to identify a scab on your MRO, it is important to also identify yourself with its causes. Among the causes includes:

  1. Intercourse
  2. Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)
  3. Yeast infection
  4. Psoriasis
  5. Lice
  6. Balanitis

What could the scabs mean

Since this section was well introduced in the previous section, there will be a more detailed description to each of the causes mentioned before.

This will help you and your doctor decide on the best medication and treatment plan for the best results. These are the causes:


After the act, you may notice that you have some little dark spots on your MRO. This could indicate that you had a rough intercourse.

Dryness of the female reproductive organ(FRO) results in friction which eventually leads to lesions

With this knowledge, you should ensure that there is enough lubrication and that your female partner is well prepared

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)

There are diseases that are sexually transmitted that present with scabs on the MRO. Genital herpes, gonorrhea, genital warts and syphilis are not an exception.

All these conditions are increased in incidence among those who are immunocompromised such as observed in HIV/AIDS patients.

With genital herpes, a viral infection that is highly contagious spreads onto the MRO may occur during unprotected sexual intercourse.

Apart from the scabs, you will be able to notice that you will have itchy blister both on the MRO and in the areas of the groin. Herpes is known for its sores on the genital areas which on subsiding, scabs form.


This is a bacterial infection that affects not only the genitals but also the concluding part of the large intestine and the mouth. On the MRO, this condition leads to a green and yellow discharge, a burning micturition, pain and itchy MRO. The shaft and the glans MRO could be so itchy that scratching leads to severe sores. When these are healed, scabs develop.

Yeast infection

A fungal infection on the MRO is known as a penile yeast infection. Apart from the common candidiasis seen in women, penile candidiasis is possible too in as much as the MRO is uncommonly wet and conducive for growth of fungi.

Fungal infections are generally itchy but can also be painful and highly uncomfortable. You can get fungal infections from a partner with the yeast infection hence increasing your risk of contracting the yeast cells.

This risk is profoundly increased when you are uncircumcised. The itch may lead to excessive scratching and drying of the skin to an extent that scabs form.


The skin condition that is characterized by patches or thick, red rash with some silver hue to the edges and white scaling is psoriasis.

Since it can occur anywhere on your body, it can appear on the MRO.

In the early stages, red bumps appear on the skin and with time get larger and dry until they appear as scales on the MRO. The rash it itchy and scratching may be unavoidable predisposing you to the possibility of formation of scabs.

Pubic lice

Lice can reside on the host’s pubic hair. They tend to attach themselves to the hair follicles and the skin. While they are harmless, they are responsible for intense itching on the penile shaft or the glans MRO.

This parasite can be transmitted during sexual intercourse or sharing of bedding and personal effects, towels included. Therefore, with the intense itching, friction caused by scratching and the dehydration of the skin therefore forms scabs on the MRO.

pubic-lice cause scabsmale genital
Pubic lice life cycle


If you masturbate frequently, you are likely to get scabs on the shaft of the MRO. This could be either through rubbing of the MRO in your hands which dehydrates the MRO and causes friction and eventually scabby formation. It could be that you are rubbing your MRO in or on a rough, friction-high surfaces too.


Being a condition in which the glans MRO is inflamed, irritation could occur. The itch is common on the shaft but more on the tip of the MRO on the glans MRO.

If the itch is severe and the MRO red and swollen, alongside having an abnormal discharge from the MRO, you could be having this condition. Scabs may form upon scratching.

Penile eczema

Eczema or synonymously dermatitis can also occur anywhere on the body not excluding the MRO. Penile eczema manifests as red skin with some rash, itchy, scaly with some vesiculations (blistering).

It is an allergic response to an irritant chemical or allergen but mostly due to undergarments that you could be allergic to or soaps you use. With intense unavoidable itching, you could form wounds and resultantly, scabs on the MRO.

Where do they occur?


Scabs can occur anywhere on the MRO depending on where the causative factor has had some contact.

Therefore, it is possible for scabs to form on the head though not as common as they would along the shaft of the MRO.

This is because the shaft is mostly the sensitive part. It is however gruesome and grotesque to have these scabs on the head as they are vividly visible and distinct.


The shaft is most afflicted by penile scabs. It is less distinct than is on the head of the MRO for the shaft is a bit darker. Since the shaft is highly exposed to the causes of scabs on the MRO, you are highly likely to find them in plenty especially underneath the skin.

What does it indicate if

The scabs are red

The scabs can be of varying color. This depends on the cause too but can be broadly said to be either red or brown. Red scabs could be fungal infections hence penile candidiasis or balanitis. Some STDs could present with red scabs such as syphilis and warts.

However, much needs to be done to ensure that the diagnosis is correct and not entirely relying on physical presentation.

The scabs are brown

Some of the causes of brown scabs on the MRO could be due to yeast infection, balanitis, masturbation, rough sexual intercourse and some STDs such as herpes and genital warts. Note that red scabs could turn brown after some time too hence causes interlinked.

They are seen after intercourse

When the scabs are seen after sleeping with partner, it could directly point out to the friction

In this case, infections would not manifest as fast as scabs after due to dryness

Unless it happens days afterward, linking sex to possibility of STDs, it remains a possibility between friction during intercourse or masturbation.

How to treat and get rid of the scabs

It is normal to have the scabs heal by themselves with time. It would be however bothersome and embarrassing when they are seen given the possibility of having STDs as a case. Therefore, if you are looking at treatment, it has to be well specified for the particular underlying cause.

Some medication that you can use or get from the over-the-counter includes;


For the infectious diseases such as gonorrhea and syphilis, penicillin and cephalosporins could be administered to treat them.

In the case of viral infections such as genital herpes, you will need some antiviral medication though these medications are only useful for the suppression of the replication of the virus.

Some common and effective medication that can be indicated for the treatment of herpes are acyclovir, famicyclovir and valacyclovir. For the fungal infections, you can get clotrimazole cream and some fluconazole oral dosage form.


hey are administered in both bacterial and viral infections due to the pyrexia (fever) involved. To add, they would be good for the relief of inflammation seen in balanitis and eczema.

Some of these include anti-inflammatory drugs such as diclofenac gels and betamethasone.

Podophyllin, imiquimod, trichloroacetic acid (TCA), sinecatechins and salicylic acid:

These medications are indicated for the treatment of genital warts which can lead to formation of scabs. For imiquimod cream, you will need to apply a 5% cream for 3 nights per week then wash after 6-10 hours. Use the drug for 16 weeks.

When using podophyllin, a resin with antimitotic activity, apply with a cotton swab if a solution for 3 days with a 4 day break for 4 cycles.

You can also apply the TCA onto the skin of the MRO with an option of adding some sodium bicarbonate to reduce the burning effect it may have.

According to Kwok CS (2012), using salicylic acid for treatment of warts is involved with less scabbing as compared to other methods and cryotherapy.


You can use some essential oil such as coconut or olive oil to lubricate your skin as dehydration leads to scabbing. You can apply some Vaseline onto the MRO shaft.

Lindane, ivermectin and malathion: these are medications that are indicated for the treatment of pubic lice infestation in order to kill them.

There are however natural remedies that you can opt for including:

  1. Aloe vera: you can apply this to the scab in a lukewarm water and rub gently, allowing it to seat for about 10-15 minutes before rinsing it with some warm water. Do this thrice daily for best results.
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV): with its antimicrobial properties, this could help in treatment of the fungal and bacterial infection. To benefit from these properties, you will need two cups of water and a 10 mL of the ACV. Add them to make a mixture then apply gently onto the scabbed area of the MRO. Leave to seat for 10 minutes then wash off with some warm water. Do this twice a day.

Other methods through which you can prevent or get rid or scabs include:

  1. Wearing undergarments that you are not allergic and not wet or non-absorbent to prevent itch.
  2. Avoid picking the scabs
  3. Resist the urge to scratch an itchy MRO. You will just need to rub it gently.
  4. Avoid sharing of personal effects and clothing.
  5. Have protected sexual intercourse.

What should you do if they won’t heal?

The scabs would be of great concern if they wouldn’t heal. If they don’t heal, then you have what is known as a chronic scab.

You will need to see a medical professional to have these checked out.

It is generally recommended that the scab should be gone in a week or two.

Chronic wounds such as a chronic scab would point out to chronic conditions such as diabetes.


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